Does AI-powered recruitment harbour prejudice and bias?

AI-powered recruitment is programmed to capture and measure diversity data regarding gender and race, explicitly using it in algorithm design. Yet these are the very things to avoid in terms of preventing race and gender bias.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an established feature of recruitment, having become an intrinsic part of software that large employers and agencies use through the hiring process. It’s therefore become important for employers to understand what’s behind periodic headlines about apparent racism or sexism in AI, and whether these are simply teething problems with new technology, or something more significant.

We’re going to explore two important factors involved. One relates to how AI uses data about existing employees, the other is about potential AI implications of the very HR policies intended to address potential racism or sexism in recruitment.

Of course there are several others, and even these two are complex to understand fully. But awareness of these in particular is a minimum starting point for recruiters today.

You can read this article in full in "Ambition Magazine", by the Association of MBAs.

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